Village ByLaws

All Village Bylaws are available at the Village Office to view.  All downloads off the website are free, however if copies are required from the Office, they are available for a fee.


  • 01/1978 - Bylaw to Regulate the Height of Trees, Hedges or Shrubs on Private Property
  • 02/1978 - Bylaw to Prevent the Encumbrance of Roads, Streets or Sidewalks
  • 03/1978 - Bylaw to Prohibit the Making of Unnecessary Noise in the Operation of a Vehicle
  • 02/1982 - Bylaw to Regulate a Scavenging System for the Proper Collection & Disposal of  Garbage
  • 05/1984 - Bylaw to Provide for the Operation of Waterworks System
  • 06/1984 - Bylaw to Provide for Installation of Water Meters
  • 07/1984 - Bylaw Respecting the Use and Management of Water Works System
  • 10/1985 - Bylaw to Regulate the Operation of Vehicles

  • 03/2002 - Bylaw to Regulate All Terrain Vehicles 
  • 02/2006 - Bylaw to Regulate Property Maintenance and to Provide for the Abatement of  Nuisances within the Village of Leask
  • 02/2007 - Bylaw for Animal Control
  • 07/2008 - Noise Bylaw
  • 01/2009 - Building Bylaw
  • 02/2011 - Bylaw Water and Sewer
  • 03/2012 - Zoning Bylaw - Amended
  • 01/2013 - Bylaw to Provide Regulations for the Use, Care and Maintenance of Leask Cemetery
  • 02/2018 - Cemetery Bylaw
  • 04/2019 - Council Meeting Procedure
  • 01/2020 - To Estalish and Enforce Minimum Standards of Mainenance and Repair

Pet Licensing

How many pets are allowed and what is required?
Our Animal Control Bylaw No. 2/2007,  states that all domestic animals must be registered with the Municipal Office.   You are allowed to register a maximum of two dogs and/or two cats.
What is the cost of buying a pet license?
The annual registration fee is $10.00 for each female, and $5.00 for each male or spayed female.
What do I do if I want to report a pet running at large?
Come into the Village Office and fill out a complaint form.